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Tanika D. Blanding is a native of Summerton South Carolina. After graduating from the historical Scott’s Branch High School, Tanika attended post-secondary college courses before joining the United States Army.  With more than 19 years of military service, she proudly serves as a Senior Non- Commissioned Officer in the rank of Sergeant First Class.


Tanika holds an
Associate Degree in Business Administration, Bachelor in Business
Administration with a Concentration in Human Resource Management and is
currently pursuing her Master in Human Resource Management, set to confer in
October 2021.


As a dedicated wife and loving mother, she continues to pour her love into her family and surrounding communities. Tanika is the co-founder of Creating Miracles, Life-Changing Corporation, a 501C3 (not-for-profit) Corporation. She is
a Certified Instructor, Small Group Leader, and Master Resiliency Trainer certified by The University of Pennsylvania. Additionally, Tanika serves as a Licensed Minister, Life Coach, Family Readiness Liaison, and Motivational Speaker.


Tanika’s service to the military has allowed her to travel across the
globe impacting thousands of superiors and subordinates alike by sharing her skills and life experiences that uniquely bridges the gap between serving God and


With a distinct passion for helping others, Tanika’s gift of servitude captures the minds and hearts of God’s people, granting them the extra fortitude to go the
additional mile. She desires to be a beacon of light and hope to all that she encounters.

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